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Hire n Train

Hire n Train

Hire n Train

Almost everything in your business depends upon the competency of your employees; therefore, the people you hire and the way in which you train them is critical to your success. The idea is to find employees who are going to earn their wages, not just collect them.

Finding Good Employees

The most common way to find employees is to place a newspaper advertisement. However, in order to attract the type of people you want to hire, you must stipulate your high standards in the advertisement. Always keep your eyes open for potential employees.
Make sure you go over your requirements and expectations; they must be perfectly clear from the beginning.

The Training Process

After hiring, break the employee in slowly. Pushing too hard may cause a person with excellent work potential to become frustrated and discouraged.
Cleaning duties can be a touchy subject, so be sure to specify your expectations in the very beginning. Don't wait until after you've hired the person to explain that some cleaning duties are required. It's possible they wouldn't have been as interested in the job if they had known this and, if that's the case, concealing the fact won't make them any more receptive to it.
If you find a good employee who you feel will stay with the salon for some time, consider taking the employee to one of the trade associations' training programs.