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Sourcing from India

Sourcing from India

Sourcing From India

India is increasingly emerging as a hub for global sourcing. Especially Sourcing & supply chain management are the decisive factors for future business success in India.

Capable and reliable supplier and supply chains are a competitive advantage. As companies are increasingly outsourcing they more and more rely on capabilities of suppliers.

Almost every multi national company is focusing on India. It is generally agreed that, India as a low cost country sourcing market is one of the most interesting but also challenging markets in the world.

But what should be sourced in India and how can you guarantee quality levels and stable supply chains?

There has been paradigm shift from operational purchasing to strategic supply management with a global perspective (supplier relationship management, performance measurement, global sourcing and so on.).

Sourcing is a profit guarantee for any company during booms and stagnations.

India is recognized worldwide as one of the top sourcing markets for Engineering, High tech, Automotive, Apparel, Machinery, BPO, IT, R&D, Pharma etc