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Strategic Alliance Key to Success

In this era of Globalization Strategic Alliance is a key tool for business success. Increasing intensity of competition, a growing need to operate on a global scale, a fast changing marketplace, and industry convergence in many markets demand the needs of a strategic alliance.

Especially in a time when growing international marketing is becoming the norm, these partnerships can leverage your growth through alliances with international partners. Rather than take on the risk and expense that international expansion can demand, one can enter international markets by finding an appropriate alliance with a business operating in the marketplace you desire to enter.

Advantages of a Strategic Alliance

• Achieve advantages of scale, scope and speed
• Increase market penetration
• Enhance competitiveness in domestic and/or global markets
• Enhance product development
• Diversify
• Expand market development
• Increase exports
• Create new businesses
• Develop new business opportunities through new products and services
• Reduce costs

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