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Retainer Services

Retainer Services

Retainer Services

The Retainer Service is an important monitoring and support function that Saxsons provides to customers starting up their Indian entity.

The Retainer Service is a highly customizable service as per each customer needs and as per the type of entity which needs to be managed.

Business Representation

Through the Retainer Service Saxsons is able to represent foreign companies in India by providing the following services:

• Business Address
• Telephone Answering
• Secretary Service
• Sales/Telemarketing
• Post Sales Assistance
• Participation to local fairs/exhibitions/events  

Administrative Support

Focus on the business targets and let Saxsons take care of the administrative headaches.
Cut costs by getting your business cards and advertising material printed locally at best prices through our partners.

Remote Resource Management

Worried about managing your local resources remotely? Saxsons can help you managing your human resource locally. We have the right monitoring methodology, reporting structure and best practices in place to monitor your resource and ensure the success of your project.